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In the process of selling your property, how deeply have you thought about the agent you decide to use? Many pick the agent they like, rather than the agent who is best. And how do you even decide who the best is anyway? Don’t most houses sell themselves these days? Short answer, yes they do. But have you ever asked yourself questions like;

“How did THAT house break sales records?” Or “That house in our street sold for that much, so what would our house be worth?”

So the long answer usually is - the agent had the right strategy, attracted the right buyers, expanded the market of attention for that home.

And just because THAT agent did a great job on a certain home, does that mean they will do it for your home? Not necessarily.

In today’s blog we take a look at the Triple T strategy. The most basic strategy expectations you should have in your agent. And believe us, it is not as common in an agent as your would think.

We will discuss:

1. TACTFUL: Understanding your local area

2. TIMING: The time to sell your home

3. TRUTH: The hard truths you may not want to hear

TACTFUL: Understanding your home

To have the right strategy to sell your home, your agent must truly know the intricacies of your area better than anyone else. Having a deep understanding of not just your home, but homes that have been sold and homes that are currently for sale. A common saying in business is “know your competition” well, when it comes to selling an asset of such worth as a home, believe us, “knowing your competition” is a vital, yet often overlooked strategy for many agents. Even houses that have previously sold can play a competitive role in your home sale strategy, as potential buyers will use it as negotiation leverage and measure.

TIMING: Time to sell your home

The right agent is ONLY in a hurry if YOU are in a hurry. Otherwise, the best agent will always suggest to wait if they believe it will increase the sale price of your home. Reasons for this could be as expansive as current economic influences, or as local as current home listings in your area that may attract potential buyers away from your home.

Where this usually goes horribly wrong is most agents will never consider timing. The only consider quick sale, quick commission. Regardless of what they communicate to you. And lets face it, do you think an agent will ever honestly tell you to not sell yet? At a commission of between 1 to 2 percent, that extra $50,000 to $200,000 on the sale for them is far less impactful to them than it is for you. So the reality is, they will either not communicate this to you, OR they will sell you the idea and benefits of selling as soon as possible, and their job is SELLING, so they will easily sell you on what benefits them.

TRUTH: The hard truths you may not want to hear

Would you associate the word “truth” with every sales person? We know there are many honest sales people in the world. But reality is, in comparison to the total, they would be the minority. The best agent, is clearly able to communicate to YOU. After all, they are working for you…they are selling for you.

This means that the right agent is able to tell you things that you may not want to hear. More importantly, they are able to articulate this information to you in a way that you can

understand and appreciate. We have proven cases where we have been able to communicate to clients that the current decor of their home will greatly impact the sale of their home. With a fresh coat of paint, hired furnishings and some minor refinishing have captured a much wider market of buyers at auction time.

The Triple T strategy is the basic foundation of a successful and profitable property sale. How do you ensure that your agent is doing all they can to ensure the maximum sale of your home? Our advice is always the same, at no cost to you, allow us to not only find the right agent, but to work with them all through the campaign to ensure they are ticking off every box on our expansive list of MUST DOs to ensure the sale of your home.

Make the right, risk free and cost free choice in allowing our vendor advocacy service to make sure the sale of your home is in the absolute best hands. Get started today by clicking:

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